Distance (poem)

C. S. Mingus

“I lied”, the dream said
No one fooled, both lives dead
So the drive began . . .

The rain hits amongst the windows my friend
The storm never is showing an end
Always needing to talk to you
To let go of the sins I hide
Who is afraid
. . . I am
So I lied
To my friends and the people I see
Figured I could pass life by on a graceful breeze
A glass shard slashed my body to threads
A soul poured out
Could never know no more what I am about
Past haunting moans come irrepressible distraught moans
With faded suppressed memory black tones
Enveloping the dream is better than reality
Your strong presence puts a hold on me
Nice to feel
You are soft to touch
I drive . . .

It pains me to tell you
Though I trust you abiding by me
Knowing the outcome of it all
Ready to fall
Splitting the friendship
Fading the memories
Only strong friends will handle pain
But not this time for someone to understand
When I’m around you
A yearning to touch your hand
You fill me with life and stability to take on the world that is seen
Rain sprays amongst the windows . . .

Truth I definitely know
Your external beauty I must let go
Since we both are the same
Society would never like the taboo games
Your safe identity is all I intend
Roads pass by into one with the destination close
Arriving at an unforgettable end
In my mind I can say, “I love you”
The drive finally ends

How lies can hurt the inside once the truth is bared in time
I shout to you from the sky above
The rain felt is not to believe
We all are meant to deceive

©1994 Fly By Night Crow Publishing

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