Poem – What Does Love Feel Like?

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What Does Love Feel Like?


C. S. Mingus

It’s the actions speaking louder than the quietest words.
The sitting on a bench together sometimes in silence.
Where the graze of your fingers across my arm send an electrical wave of feeling whole.
It is the best friendship between two people that others cannot pry apart.
A strong hug on days when the world seems to have turned against you.
A waking up next to you feeling wanted.
The kiss on the lips making the air fill with static.
Hearing the words, “I love you” because they come from a deeper place of meaning.
Seeing you standing there smiling.
Never tiring of being around you or by your side.
The feel of the body’s heat.
The pounding of the heart from the excitement of seeing one another.
It is a sense of knowing you are safe.
That is what love feels like.

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